Rule The Asphalt

The iWatSkate is so much more than just traveling from one place to another, it’s enjoying the ride without effort thanks to its Li-ion battery. Its comfortable wireless control system allows you to choose the mode you want to use, the speed and also the gear you’re in. Discover how fun sustainable mobility can be with our iWatSkate.

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High Quality wooden Deck

Our boards are made from top quality materials, guaranteeing perfect flexibility and spectacular resistance. Also, the quality finish offers perfect grip so that you can safely enjoy each and every turn.

Perfect Balance

The configuration chosen for the ‘Raiser Pad’ and ‘Bushings’, as with the wheel-type, are designed to adapt to the user, guaranteeing the perfect balance between comfort and manouverability.

Wireless control system

Control all the power of your new iWatSkate with its ergonomic wireless controller. Each curve, accelaration and brake is in the palm of you hand.

Li-ion battery, so nothing will stop you

Feel the asphalt as you travel the streets or, activate the full power of the iWatSkate and travel up to 20 km on one charge without a single foot touching the ground.

All the power you’ll need

The iWatSkate incorporates electric motors that range from 250W to 400W, and a double 400W motor for the iWild version. You can reach top speeds of up to 30km/h, climbing ramps of up to 20º.

Have fun with safety

Accessories and complements so that you’ll have everything you need. Enjoy a completely fun and safe experience with our range of protective iWatMotion gear.

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