#StyleMotion’s voyage through the universe starts here

We present to you the iWatSpace, a scooter designed for the the youngest tykes in the house. It’s easy to steer and the handlebar can be adapted to any child’s height. Have fun with its incredible lights and sound effects. Its most spectacular feature is the vapour disperser that imitates a rocket’s thrusters.

Become the coolest kid on the block with the brand new iWatSpace!

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Spectacular LED Lighting

The iWatSpace’s wheels light up when in motion. Also, you can turn on the frontal LEDs to stand out in the dark

Height-adjustable handlebars

You can modify the iWatSpace’s handlebar to adjust it to any child’s height.

Easy-to-learn functions
Charged via USB
Foldable and light
Smooth to ride
Choose your new favourite planet