Help and Information about Warranty
Warranty Information

iWatMotion guarantees the correct function of their products for 2 years from the date of purchase. Any fault of the materials or problems derived from the manufacture of the product will be covered by the warranty, including the repair, replacement, or substitution of the product and/or its components, with no cost to the client, including man hours and the shipping derived from the compliance of this certificate.

iWatMotion promises to deliver the repaired product, or a substitution, within a maximum period of 30 working days, from the moment the affected product enters our facilities. In the event that the service is delayed due to force majeure, iWatMotion is completely exempt of responsibility. This guarantee will be considered valid when presented with the original invoice. Floatup, S.L. (B98845928) provides a free, two-year limited warranty for their original products. Battery Quality Guaranteed  We work alongside market-leading companies, offering high capacity batteries along with a 1 year warranty for all batteries used in iWatMotion products. Please, keep your warranty card and invoice as evidence. We will comply with the warranty conditions as long as the damages were not caused by user.


Events which void Warranty

  • 01.When the original data of the invoice shows clear signs of being deliberately manipulated.
  • 02.When the defects and/or malfunctions of the product stem from an incorrect use, due to completely ignoring both the recommendations and instructions included.
  • 03.When the product shows clear signs of having been used beyond its capacity, be it mistreatment from knocks or deterioration caused by corrosive liquids or substances, as with any other anomaly attributable to the user.
  • 04.When the product has been disassembled, modified or repaired by persons not authorised by iWatMotion.
  • 05.When, derived from regular use of the product, certain parts show a level of wear due to frequent use.
  • 06.No other warranty, verbal or written, different from the current will be considered by iWatMotion.
  • 07.In the event that the 'Warranty Void' seals on the casing are manipulated or removed.
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The warranty does not cover certain situations, including but not limited to the following:

  • 01.Malfunctions caused by inappropriate use.
  • 02.An expired warranty.
  • 03.Discrepancy between warranty, proof of purchase or product.
  • 04.The product has been disassembled, modified or repaired by anyone not authorized by iWatMotion.
  • 05.Damages caused by accidents, abuse, misuse, such as mechanical failure, damage due to dropping, high levels of rust or humidity.
  • 06.Damages caused by exceeding the device’s capabilities.
  • 07.Damages caused by exceeding weight limits, riding over barriers, (such as riding down a flight of stairs or falling over) or engaging in extreme sports.


The batteries have a limited lifespan (charge cycles) and a discharge capacity that can be affected by factors such as storage temperature and the humidity of the storage area. Keep in mind that ‘‘problems or breakdowns’’ produced by sulfation, wasting or physical damages are not factory defects and are not covered by the warranty. Under normal working conditions, the batteries do not become uncharged by themselves. The warranty does not cover physical damages to the battery terminals and/or fittings that derive from the incorrect insertion and removal of the battery from its compartment. Take caution when handling the battery and follow the instructions shown on section 3 “Removing and inserting the Battery “.